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Stainless steel Automatic gate Tin Ta

Head office            : 225,Hai Ba Trung Stress, 6 Ward, 3 District, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNamese.

Tel                          : (08)6673 6186 /6187 – (08)6675 3032

Fax                        : (0650) 3794 337        – (08).62907066

Hotline                   : 0987.636.779 – 0983.884.649

Branch                   : 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Stress, Dakao Ward,1 District, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNames.

Factory                  : Block 3, Road No.10, SongThan 1 Industrial Zone, Di An District,

Binh Duong Province, VietNames.

Email                     : –

Website                 :




TIN TA CORPORATION supplying materials, stainless steel products for domestic and foreign markets,

consulting and construction drawings and installed according to the advanced technology of Europe.

Production lines have closed process by foreign experts in charge. Products of TIN TA  always “ quality –

durable – good design” and is designed to be comfortable for the user

Production of vacuum systems, vacuum systems wood processing plant , clothing…


Production processing of structural steel and stainless steel products:

Space truss.

Folding gate

Flagpole – handrail –stairs

Stainless steel items and construction industry

Piping and tanks

Post, tables, chairs, kitchen cabinet industry

Stainless steel industrial equipment…

Production process as required

Our policy is:Reasonable prices – Quality- Reliable and always meet customer’s needs


Product with the motto:” Top quality, international standard, high quality products, reasonable price”

the same criteria for operation respect for customer, dedicated service, as the first prestige” and

progressive spirit of the invention, we always try to contribute to the construction industry hot modern

 styles for interior and exterior majestic, strong and full of artistic credit.

 “Coming to INOX TIN TA is expected customers will be satisfied”





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